Alligator Hunting

"Beast of the Bayou" Await Big Game Hunters

One of the top predators of the marsh, the American alligator is synonymous with Southwest Louisiana-and a trophy worthy of any big game hunter. At Grosse Savanne, only our experienced alligator harvest guides will navigate our privately managed marshes and prairies in search of these enormous creatures.

Considered the "Beast of the Bayou" and ranging in length up to 14 feet, alligators often drift in slowly moving canals on warm, sunny days. While afloat, it is often only its beady eyes that peer out over the water's surface. Its flat, round snout, log-shaped body and short, webbed legs are submersed, enabling this seemingly docile reptile to quietly close in on its prey.

Listed on the federal government's endangered species list in the early 1970s due to dwindling populations, alligators now outnumber people in the region two to one! Research conducted at a nearby state game preserve and research center indicated that successful harvests could be conducted in September since the females are finished with nesting deep in the marsh and the adult males roam the open ditches.

To guarantee successful populations for the future, strict regulations have been imposed on the number of alligators harvested. These controls include the use of locked, numbered tags that are attached to each harvested animal before it leaves the marsh, proper permits and licensing, and a limited harvest season. Tags are issued to hunters based on the quality and size of the wetlands they own or have permission to hunt.

As a result of the controls on harvesting these beasts, alligator hunts at Grosse Savanne are available on a first come, first served basis-and only in September. Trophy hunts for catch ranging from eight to 12 feet.

In addition to the thrill of an alligator hunt, Grosse Savanne offers first class accommodations, fine southern and Cajun cuisine, and unsurpassed service.

We invite you to join us this season.


Overnight Trapper's Hunt: $550
Includes: One night lodging with a five course dinner, beverages, continental breakfast, and a Southern brunch served after a guided alligator hunt. The hunt allows the guest to observe the alligator hunting process. Participation in the hunting process requires the advance purchase of a license (cost not included in package). 

* No gator, meat nor hides with this package.

Overnight lodging packages are based on double occupancy per room. Guests requesting single occupancy rooms will be charged an additional fee per night.

Note: We stock a variety of liquors, including beer and wine, which are complimentary and included in overnight packages. Special bar requests will be provided if possible and subject to additional cost to customer.


Day Trip - Trapper's Hunt $300 (no overnight lodging)
Includes: One morning alligator hunt and beverages. The hunt allows the guest to observe the alligator hunting process. Participation in the hunting process requires advance purchase of a license (cost not included in package).


If a trophy alligator is desired for either of the above mentioned hunts, the trophy fees listed below will be added to the price (Based on the size class of the alligator - includes 10 pounds of cleaned meat per gator purchased)

4' 0" to 6' 11" ---- $50/ft.
7' 0" to 7' 11" ---- $75/ft.
8' 0" to 8' 11" ---- $100/ft.
9' 0" to 9' 11" ---- $125/ft.
10' 0" to 10' 11" - $150/ft
11' 0" to 11' 11" - $175/ft.
12' 0" to 12' 11" - $200/ft.

Additional Fees:
Shipping Fee - $100 per alligator hide
Special preparation for taxidermal purposes for full-body mounts - $100 per alligator
All other alligator processsing and packaging - complimentary


Afternoon Activities include a choice of:

  • Baiting lines for the next morning's hunt - $125 per person (guest must arrive before 2:00 p.m.)
  • Saltwater Lake Fishing - $600 per boat (max. 3 anglers per boat - please, NO black soled shoes)
  • Marsh Fishing - $450 per boat (max. 2 anglers per boat - catch and release only)
  • Dove Hunts (during season) - $125 per person
    Skeet Range - $10 per round

Due to the nature of alligator hunting, please note that:

** No guests under the age of 15 allowed to participate in hunting activities

** Hunter safety is required for all hunting guests born after September 1, 1969

  • Trophy alligator hunts are not guaranteed.
  • Gator season is usually the first two weeks of September.

** No pets allowed inside lodge building.

A 50% deposit is required for all bookings to confirm dates.





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